The Jere Stahl interview.....

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The Jere Stahl interview.....

Post by Lasher » Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:18 pm

I just recived my CD's and thus far have only had a chance to listen to one of the 5 so far....

I have to admit there was something that impressed me about Jere Stahl....
If there was something he didnt know he flat out said so..... didnt try to fanagle his way out of something..... Got to respect that !

Intresting observation on the equal length topic and the various RPM ranges and where he observed them working best vs non equal lengths...... I had long felt that equal length was not really necessary but never thought of it in the way he put it.....

Don by chance did Jere get anymore in depth on the subject of cams prior to the interview ?

Something that made me think alittle was him talking about taking EGT measurements at the header flange VS the primary pipes...... if just an inch or two can make 300 degs difference..... I have to wonder just what temp it would be down by the collector....... Not so much from a distribution point of view but more from an exhaust air speed point of view...... as the air loses heat , energy and velocity...... what effect if any it would have on power or the effect on a pan evac system ect.... If by chance there is a correlation of egt and optimum primary pipe length.... IE if you find that a given primary length provides the optimum balance of power is there a larger temp change beyond that point.... so that there is some sort of significance at that point..... or not......Just thinkin out loud there.

I have to admit I have had zero expirence with stepped headers...... I found his observation of the step say going from 1.750 to 1.875 to form a sort of a dam impeding the negative wave back up the pipe...... Not quite the same but the same effect as the old ( Cyclone ?? ) Anti Reversion headers that were around 20 years or so ago.....

All in all intresting discussion !

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Re: The Jere Stahl interview.....

Post by speedtalk » Wed Jan 21, 2004 11:03 pm

Lasher wrote:Don by chance did Jere get anymore in depth on the subject of cams prior to the interview ?
No, I try really hard to get the good stuff on tape. I've sent Jere an email about this post, maybe he'll stop by. I'd hate to put words in his mouth.
Don Terrill
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Post by Lasher » Wed Jan 21, 2004 11:16 pm

Thanks Don...... I understand completely.

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