*WANTED* Porting mods to Edelbrock/2115 Caddy intake

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*WANTED* Porting mods to Edelbrock/2115 Caddy intake

Post by rockosocko » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:25 pm

Good evening guys n gals.
I'm going to be building a Caddy 500 that was in pretty decent shape when I got it. So I just had it vatted and machine honed to the stock bore.
I've been porting all my own heads for a couple decades, but by NO means a pro with a flow bench, and they've turned out quite well with my seat-of-the-pants dyno. And was going to just clean up and port match my stock caddy heads to the Edelbrock intake.
BUT.. I've read that some dis-like the 2115 intake for the Caddy's and some love it/them. So, I was kinda thinking of what grinding that people do on the 2115 that makes them better? I've read of the Caddy Performance company's that offer to port either the stock or Edel intake but they don't divulge what they do or where they mod it.
I mean, I remember reading several Mopar sites that had actual gauges to fit in the ports to aid in porting 'just like the PRO's!
And was hoping someone could offer some kind of insight on porting the 2115 intake.
The carb will be a Rochester, and cam will be a mild grind to top out at around 42-4500 rpms.

It's going to be used in a 81 Cherokee S 2dr that I'm changing to 2wd by a suburban front frame sectioned in.
Axle will be a Dana44 from a wagoner with a 2.72 and a th400 at first, then going to a 3.73 posi / 4L80e later after I get all the bugs worked out.

In addition, Im not wanting to get in any discussions of carbs, heads, etc.. Just would like to know where to port the Edelbrock 2115 Caddy big block intake. But I don't mind good info like if porting just won't make any difference down that low in the RPM scale..

Thanks again for the help.

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