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Body, Frame, Engine Swaps VIN NUMBERS?

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:18 pm
by englertracing
We are talking about swasticka brandishing californa smog nazis here b.t.w not any other state
okay i can take a Volkswagon 1978 and older and cut it it to pieces untill theres nothing left but the doors roof.
build a full tube chassis and put a subaru in it (like my dad did) or a pinto (like my buddy is doing)

well id like to do a ranger. and i was considering using a caddilac northstar v8.
well if i keep all the smog bull spit i could legally swap it in (a simple mid engine v drive trophy truck style engine swap :D )
then i got an idea.
why cant i buy a 50$ volkswagon and use the vin number??
by my logic if i cut the volkswagon up for the vin and place the vin tag on the first tube i lay for the tube chassi truck it started off as a volkswagon.....
it just happens it has a truck cab, and fiberglass fenders.....

I know id never get away with that bit.....
now replace the volkswagon bit with!! a chevy luv!!! so a piece of a ranger cab ontop of a tube chassi with a chevy luv vin and a northstar v8 maybe i could get away with that one!
what do ya think?!?