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Future Interview Ideas

Post by Guest » Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:55 am

In an era where technology is such a major factor, French is a breath of fresh air. Today compartmentalized engine factories are largely responsible for everything we see at the track. Data acquisition, CNC controls and computerization have removed much of the human element in engine development, and improved the breed. But, no matter how much data you have, it’s still only as good as the people interpreting it. Guys like Jim McFarland, Smokey, and French just “get it”. So many racers today get caught in the “trick of the week mentality”, but solid, incremental, engineering skills and development is still the key to success, at any level. This level of acquired knowledge is as applicable today as it was 30 years ago. When I began to learn this craft 37 yrs ago I had the good fortune of being exposed to many people who helped me learn “how things work” and their depth of cumulative (in an era of specialization) knowledge to an engine builder is as valuable today as it was then. I would like to submit some suggestions of builders from various disciplines for future interviews. I did not post this to the board, as I believe that some of these folks may no longer be with us and did not want to appear disrespectful. If you choose to move this to the board, feel free.

Traco Engineering (Jim Travers/Frank Coon)
Al Bartz
Bill Jenkins
Waddell Wilson
Ron Hutter
Larry Ofria
Joe Sherman
Alwin Springer
Franz Weiss
George Bolthoff
Hank Bectloff
Racer Brown
Herb Fischell
Bill Howell
Vince Piggins
Ryan Falconer
Ed Pink
Bob Joehnck
Fred Carrillo

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Post by speedtalk » Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:58 am

Great post Bob! Thanks for the suggestions.
Don Terrill
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