Are you an old timer.


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Re: Are you an old timer.

Post by pdq67 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:58 am

If not mistaken, IL didn't have any speed limits, pre-1955 or so.

Dad drove the Big Packard, "straight-8", wide open when going between towns.

And out in the country, several of the county highways were made with one lane concrete, the other gravel.

So if you were on the gravel, but driving on the concrete when you met a car, you had to slow down and pull over on the gravel to let him by.

We took a vacation down to TX on e summer in the big Packard and Mom wanted to see what the state looked like. but Dad drove all night wide open going from San Antonio, TX to Memphis, TN. I never saw Mom get so mad at Dad because she never saw any of TX, what, driving at night..

My older sister and I slept most of the night in the rear foot wells as Dad poured the coal to the car!


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Re: Are you an old timer.

Post by Pete1 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:38 pm

I remember the first time I sat in a midget. The company I worked for owned the fastest Ford powered midget in the country at that time. Even Edelbrock's 27 car couldn't stay with us.
I was the crew chief and we raced every Friday night. Our regular driver flew in from a town 150 miles away after work, grabbed a taxi to the track and we made hot laps easily with time to spare. One night the plane was delayed and it was getting close to hot lap time. The owner told me to get my helmet and gloves on and go warm up the car. Since I was racing roadsters and sprint cars at the time, he had confidence in me. I was familiar with the car because I had warmed it up many times in our parking lot and front street at the shop.
I had never driven it on the track though.
Anyway, after it warmed up and I ran 3 or 4 fairly hot laps, I got on it hard. I was amazed at how well it handled. It almost drove itself through the corners. There were about 8 other cars on the track at the same time and I was amazed at how easily I was passing them. I also noted as I passed the pits that almost everyone in the pits was standing at the fence watching me. After a couple more laps the owner signaled me to come in.
After parking the car and getting my helmet off he said quietly to me with a monster grin on his face, You looked good but you were going WAY too fast for a pitman. You unofficially broke the track record and it was in traffic.
The track record at the time was held by an Offy and it didn't sit too well with the Offy guys that a Ford went faster.
The regular driver showed up in time to qualify with fast time and a new official record and go on to have a clean sweep.
Them was the good ol' days.

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Re: Are you an old timer.

Post by woody b » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:39 pm

From Jed on the 1st page.

If you know how to install a rope rear main seal. ------ Yes, done it many times.
If you can fit a set of king pins.-------- Also done it many times.
If you have ever rebushed a Chevy center bell crank.------ Once
If you used to ride your bike to baseball practice.----------- Many times
If your mom took you to your baseball game on public transportation bus because she didn't drive.----------Mom drove, we didn't have public transportation.
If you ever made a 302 out of a 283.------- once. I didn't bore the 283 block. I had a good 327 block with a damaged crank, a good 283 crank, and some pistons I bought at a flea market.
If you would grind a 350 forged crank to a 9/16 stroker because it had a badly spun rod.------- A couple times. Didn't grind it myself, had it done to save a "good" crank.

Not "engine" or speed related, but I've rebuilt wheel cylinders, master cylinders and power steering pumps. I also rebuilt one water pump. I've also pumped gas...not for myself. Full service station I work at when I was a teen.

Not automotive related, but someone mentioned local drug stores. When I was a kid if I broke a guitar string my parents would get me one string from the local drug store. When I got all "A's" on my report card they'd take me to "town" (10 miles away) and I'd get a whole set of strings.

During High School we all had gun racks with guns in our pickups in the parking lot. Once I got a new shotgun. The Principal came out in the parking lot to check it out. Picture a Principal and a bunch of students in the parking lot at a high school looking at a gun these days.
I used to be a people person, but people ruined it.

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