700R4 lock-up converters, your experience

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Re: 700R4 lock-up converters, your experience

Post by ventura74 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:28 pm

falcongeorge wrote:
Alan Roehrich wrote:
falcongeorge wrote:I've deleted two responses to this already, I'll take another shot at it. I would think it would be fairly obvious by the fact that I am asking about 3000+ converters that the trans has been modified. I can lock and unlock the converter at will, any gear, any speed, any throttle opening, simply by flicking a switch on my shift lever. Locking the converter in either 2nd or 3rd at the track is a common practice with 200R4's and 700R4's.

So is breaking a lot of expensive parts. Yes, they've been doing it for years. Probably as long as I've been building those transmissions for performance use, and that goes back 25 years or so.

If you need to lock up your converter while you're racing, you have the wrong converter.
Thanks Alan, and this is the sort of feedback I am looking for. At this stage of the game, I am only locking the converter while driving on the highway (because I have heard the same thing as you just said re: breaking stuff), to be honest, it doesn't seem to make a hell of a lot of difference, but the converter in the truck right now flashes to less than 3000 rpm.
Are you installing lock-up converters in the OD trans you do for street/strip cars? I am specifically looking for feedback on the street manners of 9.5" lock-up converters that will flash into the 4000 rpm range behind a typical 400-450hp 350 chevy. I'm mainly looking at FTI, Yank and Coan. Any feedback/experience?

Or would you be looking more along the lines of a tight 8" with no lock-up clutch? It IS a daily driver, and I make some long (500+miles) trips in it. It has 4.56s in the back, I find this totally acceptable with the od.
I have a Edge racing 3200 stall lockup converter and 4.10 gears and they have this converter so efficient that you really don't know it's a high stall until you nail it. It's behind a 450 hp chevy 383.

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