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Re: Ujoint strength

Post by Supershafts » Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:36 am

5-170x , Spicer has plants all over, not everything spicer dana does is in one plant, the VA plant usually does the caps and needles, the crosses come from plants in china, Germany, Mexico and here in the US in TN, IA and MI and always have.
Gears, housings, Axles, carriers, gaskets, seals.... and car and truck frames, spring and other parts are also made in plants in Brazil, Mexico , India, Italy, Australia.... and another 20 countires and extensive testing facilities in Italy , India ...

The plant that cross is made in is a spicer plant, not a sourced company making their own joint sending all pieces here and someone assembling the 4 parts together to say made in the us thru the 30% rule and putting it in a moog box thru FM...Big difference.
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