EZ fix for a whining Camaro T5 5. gear?

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EZ fix for a whining Camaro T5 5. gear?

Post by Caprimaniac » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:21 pm

OK, have read some T5- articles on , I think it was the Chevelle forum. I'm a Ford- guy, so I seldom seek out GM forums....

I'm pretty sure the 5. gear is hard to undo unless you have the special tool on the GM T5-, like on the Ford (all) T5's. You prolly can cut the old gear up and undo. Getting the New gear on is easier- as I have understood.

However- some say With New gears they still whine..... I don't know.

Is there a fix???

How to turn GURU in an instant.....

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