wich stall and gear 1/8 mile only

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wich stall and gear 1/8 mile only

Post by seefour » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:58 pm

Friends I have a question about what to try on my refresh combo.

I have a 68 mustang with an injected 427 now, it was 410 inch with 243 cc heads 266-273 at .050 cam
the car is 3050 with me in it the 9.5 dia converter flashed 5500 with a 4.30 gear and 28 tall tire 1.30 60 ft average 1.32 can ran 6.0;s pretty much
had 14% slippage.
I tried a rear gear change 5.0 , stall lost 500 flash......this is a foot brake car 60 ft fell off to upper 1.3's 1.36-1.37
slippage dropped to 7% 1/8 mile

freshen motor and new cam, ported bigger heads 283 cc aluminum rods.272-281 @050
dyno motor with 1 7/8 headers 805 hp at 7500 621 tq 5500

switched to 2.20 first gear in tranny. motor more power.

dropping 1st gear from 2.46 to 2.20 should pick stall back up along with more power....flash higher....should

im looking at mph at flash of converter 2.20 x 4.30 x 28 /5500
2.20 x 5.0 x 28 /5500
2.20 x 5.0 x 28 / 6000
2.20 x 4.30 x 28 x 6000

the 8 inch I have flashed 6000-6200 with 351 c on injected alky at 3050 I sent it off and company changed stator to flash 5500-6000 behind old motor combo
I have no idea what it will flash to now but 5500 rpm plus Im sure maybe closer to 6000-6500 I would think

my shift point is set at 8000 rpm.

what to try first. going for 1/8 mile only
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Re: wich stall and gear 1/8 mile only

Post by F-BIRD'88 » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:31 am

Lost 500 rpm flash stall.....

Check your staging-launch method.
Your tires a spining...

Try launching without loading up agaonst the
Stage at near idle rpm. Then -rug.it-
Radials are a bit fussy on pressure and rear suspension setup.
Not as goof proof consistant as bias ply drag slicks
Or bias ET streets.

Especialy at different tracks.
The bias ply is near goof proof.
The radials are more fussy.

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