AQ Penny for your thoughts.

Transmission to Rear-end

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AQ Penny for your thoughts.

Post by predator » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:00 am

Does anyone have some thoughts, advice on how I should set-up the Drive-Line in my Road
INTENDED SPEEDS THAT MY CAR HOPEFULLY RUN: I hope that my Engine will propel my 1971 Plymouth Road-Runner to 200 Miles an hour, or more. Currently my car has a Torque-Flight with a Gear-Vendors Over-dive. The Car currently has has 4.88's in the rear. I am thinking that the Car should have a change in it's Drive-line. I'm thinking that the Car's Drive-line should undergo a change. There-fore I am thinking that I should remove the Torque-flight. I think that I should either go to a 5-Speed Manual, or a 6-Speed manual transmission. along with changing the Cars rear-end gears from the current 4.88's, change the rear-end gears to a quite Taller-Gear. I am hopping that the changes that I will make, are good changes.

I'm thinking that if i run a Five speed, or a Six speed. My car will have the proper gearing to Run Two-Hundred Miles an Hour. While also being able to make a decent pass down the Quarter-Mile.

I realize that I am jumping the Gun so to speak here. I feel that I need to get the Car running with it's current Drive-line lay-out. That Lay-out is a 440, a Torque-flight, a G-V Over-drive, along with a rear-end Gear-Ratio of 4.88, I want to eirther Dyno the engine on an engine Dyno, or possibly a a Chassis Dyno. Then I hope to have a general idea of how to set-up my Car's Drive-line.

Well like the old Expression: "PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS>"

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Re: AQ Penny for your thoughts.

Post by ChevyEFI » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:16 am

I don't see any questions or new material since your prior threads.

You know you should get some dyno time to know where your powerband lies.
I already posted in your priors about transmission gearing choices.
You know that's going to dictate gearing.
The longer the trans., the shorter the driveline, the higher critical speed.

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