O.D. Bolt on to Muncie. (Gear vendors type)

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Re: O.D. Bolt on to Muncie. (Gear vendors type)

Post by pdq67 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:07 am


Please PM me Georges e-mail address OR phone number so I can chat with him.

I am not going to let this die.

I have three things in my life besides my three Kids and now my three wonderful Grandbaby Girls that I am proud of:

1. Designing and then helping to build the Channel 3, KTVO TV studio north of Kirksville, MO;
2. Figuring out how to put the WA Sheaffer Pen 2001 Targa ballpoint pin together. They dealt in .0002" here; and
3. Figuring out how to gun AP Green's phos-bonded gunning refractories!

These three and I have done more other things than you can think of!

Oh, and I love my wife!

Let's, "Git-R-Done!"..


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