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Post by BillyShope » Sat Feb 25, 2006 12:27 pm

There's a quarter mile performance program on one of the pages at this site:

If your power peak is at 7000, I'm sure the program will tell you that you must be well past 7000 at the traps. Anyway, you can play with shift points and axle ratios with this program.


Post by wheelsup » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:55 pm

Thanks for the info guys, I hadn't checked this thread in a while (thought it was done). I checked with both ATI and the original manufacture (Continental) they both said that it was too tight and needs to be loosened to get some multiplication out of it. l'm not going to change the gears just yet, I want to see the trap rpms as it is. At the most I'll try a set of 4.88s. Both shops said with these tires and the glide that the stall should be at least 500-600 rpm over peak torque.

I used to have a modified 850 on it, it likes the 1050 much better, 60 fts are .010 quicker with it and .150 quicker in ET. I also tried an 1150, no different ET than the 1050 (although you couldn't just mash the pedal when using the transbrake).

Also, I must not have been clear about my 60 fts with the 1.96 low in the glide. The car 60 footed better with 1.96 but had less mph. Overall ET was the same.

Another thing I thought about was that I softened up the rear suspension and increased the front end motion by backing off the front travel limiters near the end of the season. This slowed the 60s down about .020, but the 60s were also much tighter throughout the day.

When comparing my data to other cars running the same ETs on the mountain, my mph is about 5 higher than theirs with similar cars and setups. In some ways its better I quess because when running the same ET cars, they always leave me at the line and I come up on them at the top. Many people hit their brakes too soon because they think I can't catch them.

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