CraneHI-7 problems

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CraneHI-7 problems

Post by NSS426 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:42 pm

I am installing a Crane HI-7 Ignition system and digital
>engine controller for a customer, he purchased the units
>from a guy and everything is new in the boxes just was never
>installed. He has all the matching components, coil, boxes,
>wiring, and a big capacitor. The only component not Crane is
>the distributor, it has a MSD pro billet. Hooked it all up
>and it seemed to run great, took jeep to a mud run and under
>acceleration it runs great, the guy placed in the money in
>two classes. The issue is when hot idling around in the pits
>sometimes it will pop threw the exhaust and die, it fires
>right back up at the turn of a key. I changed out the plug
>wires and put a scope on it to watch the pick-up in the
>distributor, it is hard to get it to do it in the shop but
>the pickup signal looks good when it dies. The KV lines seem
>a little high even after the new wires, about 40 to 50 KV, I
>called Crane and got a Tech Guy and he just said we no
>longer support the unit and nobody here knows anything about
>it. I usually recommend MSD units so most of my experience
>is with them. Anybody got some practical experience with
>these units

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Re: CraneHI-7 problems

Post by maximumbob » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:43 pm

Unfortunately no first hand experience but this may help. ... 07000a.pdf
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