Estimated ET and Mph after adding 250 shot NOS

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Estimated ET and Mph after adding 250 shot NOS

Post by TwinToiletCamaro » Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:29 am

I had originally added this thread under Driveline, Since I am really looking for opinions on estimated ET and MPH, I added it hear as well.

I have a 2360 lb Camaro (w/driver) with a 414 SBC burning alky and I am about to install a 500 shot dual plate system from Killer Rons that uses alky with the NOS. For various reasons I am only going to spray 250 shot and I’m already spinning the motor as much as I safely can so I will need to do a gear change most likely.

Currently the car goes 5.53 @ 127 mph in the 1/8th with a 5.67 gear. I was wondering how much the car will pickup in ET and Mph so I can determine the correct gear to put in the car. I have done some math and it appears to me that the car may go 5.0’s but I’m not sure about the mph. I am looking for opinions on estimated ET and Mph after adding the 250 shot.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. Just ask for any details needed if not included in this post, or you can search for other post from me and you should find out nearly everything about the car there.

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Re: Estimated ET and Mph after adding 250 shot NOS

Post by Stan Weiss » Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:05 am

WAG around 140 MPH

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