Suggestions/Questions for the 69' camaro Project car

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Speedy Goomba

Suggestions/Questions for the 69' camaro Project car

Post by Speedy Goomba » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:00 am

Stage Cool, and tune for cool passes, You'll find most stockers going for a heads up pass will stage the car Ice Cold.

What oil are you using? Testing results of a racing friend indicated Mobil 1 0w-20 to be .04 quicker then 5w-30 mobil 1 in his low 10 second n/a pump gas chevelle.

What Front springs do you have in the Camaro Now?

I see you are using the Koni SPA1 drag shocks, Nice choice, although i would have suggested the Koni Street Adjustable shocks, which are a range stiffer then the SPA1, and are fine for street use.

This is my Camaro BTW:

Driven and raced on 93oct Pump Gas, Best ET 11.60 @ 117.31 mph, at 3260lbs, with a best 60ft of 1.61 with so far, No traction device (that will change shortly) Leaving off the footbrake with a 10" ATI converter. Driven to and from the track.

My combo is this:
Brian’s Stroker "Street" Small Block

350 +.040" 4 bolt block 3.75” Stroke = 385ci
-SRP Forged Pistons #138094 with Plasma Moly file fit rings
-10.05:1 Compression ratio
-350 block .004" decked, align honed, bores honed with torque plate
-Clevite 77 bearings
-Fel-Pro Gaskets .041" head gasket
-Eagle Cask Crank 3.75" Stroke External balance
-Crower Sportsman 6” cap screw Rods ARP main studs
-Milodon louvered Windage tray
-GM Stock oil pan and pickup
-Melling Standard oil pump
-Cloyes true Roller timing set
-World Products Sportsman II 200cc intake port heads 72cc combustion chambers fitted with Race Flo 2.02/1.60 back-cut valves bowl blend 30/45/60 valve angles, 19 degree back cut on the valves.
-Performer RPM intake manifold
-Holley 750cfm ProForm main body
-4 hole spacer 1/2” tall
-Holley carb Heat Sheild
-Crower Cams #00321 (Ground on a 108LSA) Solid Flat tappet 242/248 Dur .050” .482/.504" valve lift Crane double Valve Springs #99893-16
-Rocker Arms- Crower Stainless Steel 1.5
-Comp One Piece .080” wall 5/16” Pushrods
-MSD Ready-to-run Pro Billet Blaster II chrome coil
-Headers- 1-5/8” primary 3” collector, 33” primary length, Merge style collector.
-3” head pipe/crossover Dynomax Oval UltraFlo mufflers
-Carter 172gph mechanical pump plumbed to 3/8" fuel line.
-Mobil 1 5W-30 oil, Ford F-type transmission fluid Castrol 75w-90 Gear oil
-TH-350, ATI 10” Treemaster Converter, 4.10 gears Cheetah shifter
-Summit Steel style damper
-Moog 6314 springs
16.44” height
.601”...........wire dia.
289 lbs/in......rate load

Best ET: 11.60 @ 117.31 MPH
Best 60ft: 1.61 (Footbrake)

BTW, you car should be warmed up from the drive to the track. Install a moroso water pump drive kit, so that you can have the ability to cool the motor off consistantly each pass. Switch belts at the track to another alternator belt, and the water pump gilmer drive.

Hot Oil and Cool water make Power, and lower staging temps will lower the chance of detonation during the pass.

Using a light oil the oil temp will settle in the burnout box.

Water temps are the single most important contribution to consistancy, aside from the driver.

Stage the same each time, burnout the same each time.

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Post by speedtalk » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:58 am

Clean '67! Thanks for sharing all your specs and the tips.

I think I've got 10w40 redline in it right now.

My front springs are stock 6 cyl that have had the lower coil heated to lower the car (I know, I know...) :D
Don Terrill
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Speedy Goomba

Post by Speedy Goomba » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:14 am

Heated? I would think that ruins the spring.

I found there to be a bunch of different weight 6 cylinder springs, the ones i use are the tallest/lightest weight available.

The front sits a little high above the tire, but the more i drive it the lower it gets as the springs settle, and those tires are only 25.5" tall.

Speedy Goomba

Post by Speedy Goomba » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:15 am

No problem, and thanks for the compliment.

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