Wtb Sunnen Vgs-20 parts

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Wtb Sunnen Vgs-20 parts

Post by JRice » Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:17 am

Ok here's the deal, I sold my shop out back in May. Since then I decided I need to continue to do machine work on the side.
So fast forward to last week...
I bought a vgs20 but it got a little damaged on its ride home.

Need some help running down these parts...
A complete draw bar with spacer and "nut"
It had a digital level on it but it wasn't on the machine or in any of the boxes of tooling
so I need one or I'd take a nice bubble level.
Some how the button on the covers on the front fell off and are MIA
The set up fixture for the seat pocket cutter is also MIA. (Claims he forgot to send it but I'm not holding my breath)

I know this stuff is really hard to find but maybe someone has a few of these items laying around and wouldn't mind trading them for some $$$?
You can call or text me 479-200-4806
Thanks for the help!

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