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Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:57 pm
by perfconn
Lightened Bowtie 1184 block,all billet steel 4 bolt main caps-drysump only
Winberg billet crank,3.270 stroke,with center counterweights
Rons ported RHS Raised Runner steelheads,51cc chambers,342cfm@.700
Wilson ported Edelbrock 2926 intake
ATI balancer
MSD dual pickup distributor
New titanium retainers
New Del West 11/32-2.100-1.600 titanium valves
New PSI 1240 valve springs
New Jesel .937 keyway roller lifters
New Jesel .937 keyway lifter bushings
New Aluminum short waterpump
New double groove pulley set
New CV billet fuelpump
New Callies Honda journal Ultra billet rods,MP3.5 bolts
New Comp Cam billet 50mm roller cam
New 50mm roller cam bearings
New Racetec 4.185 bore pistons-4cc dome
New 2.500-.927 DLC coated wristpins
New 1.2-1.5-3mm rings
New rod & main bearings
New Champ aluminum drysump oilpan W/3 #12 pickups
New ⅜ pushrods
New T&D 1.80-1.70 shaft rockers
New timing button
New Champ fabricated aluminum valve covers
New big block snout timing cover
New Cloyes hex-a-just timing set
New ARP head stud kit
New timing pointer
New valve cover studs
New gaskets
New lift plate
New intake bolt kit
New water lines and fittings
New sparkplugs
New sparklug wires
New MSD Crank trigger
Built by Phantom Race Engiines
Pictures,flow sheet,Dyno sheet available by email
528.7 # torque @ 5900rpm
699.4 HP @ 7400rpm

Fresh off dyno
Price- $17,500.00
Phone: 865-567-6943


Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:23 pm
by perfconn