Karcher Cuda Automated Parts Washer / System One parts washe

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Karcher Cuda Automated Parts Washer / System One parts washe

Post by Noob » Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:02 am

We bought two of these when the shop was really kicking but found out we only needed one. They work AWESOME! The other one we've used every day for 5+ years. Has never broke. Reliable, well built pieces. Toss aluminum or steel into them. Greasy parts like front covers, rear seal plates, or even larger items like cylinder heads and small blocks. (we run a diesel shop so small stuff is like SBC and smaller) You can fit a SBC block in there no problem. Uses a caustic cleaning solution that does not harm rubber. Even stuff like turbocharger or supercharger pieces come out nice and clean. Transmission cases etc. Can demonstrate. We take all retainers, pushrods, rotators out of a motor. Toss it in this thing. 20 mins later they look almost new. I can not tell you how much of a time saver these machines are. If you count up how long you're over there at the parts washer. Polishing a old bolts, and bit and pieces. Drop it in and go. It has a spray bar across the top, down the side, and underneath the rotating table. Oil Skimmer on the back to keep it clean. This machine we bought for $4500 new. Used less than a month. Didn't need it and it looks like it hasn't been used either. I'd like to get it out of our way and I'd also like $3000. Located in jacksonville, fl. This machine runs on 110v so it's perfect for the guy who runs a home shop or who's business has tapered off some.



I've also got a couple of system one recycling parts washers. Those are more used those. I'll take some notes when I'm in the shop today and update this tonight.
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