F/S (Melb,Aust) Engine dyno Heenan&Froude G490EH

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F/S (Melb,Aust) Engine dyno Heenan&Froude G490EH

Post by FPV_GTp » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:40 pm

F/S ( Melb , Australia ) Engine Dynamomete Heenan and Froude G490EH

Follow the link to view pictures, you may have to jion the forum it is free - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2580&start=15

IF anyones interested I have no further uses for this machine, Heenan and Froude G490EH Engine Dynamometer, still up for grabs this is a Rolls Royce with F1 Ferrari speed engine dynamometer.

here are few photographs this Heenan and Froude G490EH engine dynamometer is the F1 Ferrari of engine dynamometers. The dyno has not been miss used in any way shape or form and has not been alternated from its original condition when it was purchased from Heenan and Froude. Some of the World Top racing teams in the US use this type of dyno and they are built to out last you and I. They are rated at continuous use where the other brands are rate for very short duty cycle use

A few links to pictures of the Heenan and Froude engine dynamometer, follow the link below to the photobucket album

http://s743.photobucket.com/albums/xx73 ... g&newest=1

This is not one of the run of the mill engine dynamometers that are out there.

This is a high speed and high horsepower rating engine dynamometer.

The materials used to manufacture this dyno in the UK are far superior than most others. This dyno manufacturer, Heenan & Froude, is widely used in the scientific research, aviation, shipping and automotive industries worldwide.

The bearings are huge, shaft diameters are larger, bearing support bulkier than most other everyday dynamometers.

Bearings have a lubrication system of their own for the high speeds/horsepower lengthy duration testing capabilities.

Due to its size it still has a very low rotational inertia mass rating.

All the above separates this dynamometer from others.

Therefore your budget has to allow for this Rolls Royce version of a dynamometer, not a lesser version eg.Hyundai . So don't miss out on this unique engine dynamometer that will out last your life time.

can be contacted on 0413 421 190

Price : $ POA

Will freight Australia,New Zealand and World Wide at buyers cost.
Heenan Froude G490EH Dyno_2.25p.JPG
Engine Dynamomete Heenan and Froude G490EH
Heenan Froude G490EH Dyno_2.25p.JPG (25.41 KiB) Viewed 1164 times
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