Vintage ford parts

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Vintage ford parts

Post by speedmachine » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:21 am

Awhile back I had the chance to purchase some parts and equipment from a shop that was once a Ford dealership in my town . The dealership was purchased from its original owner back in 1956 and has been in the same family since, they lost or quit being a ford dealership not long after and just became a general mechanic shop up until just about 10 years ago. The neat thing is that they basically shut up the "parts room" and storage way back then and it has been setting till now. I purchased some of the original parts bins and its contents. Attached are some pics of the contents. The parts bins are still labeled and contain parts. Many Bearings, pistons, pins, bushings, rings, connecting rods and various parts for flat heads, V8, inline 6s, also spring shackle kits, brake parts, spindle bearings, ect....all for cars or engines from the 30s - 50s. just feels like opening a time capsule as most parts are still in great shape and in original packaging.
Its too much for me to keep around , more for some one else to enjoy or use. I am holding on to some but would like to get rid of most of this stuff. If any one is interested in such parts please PM me. Sorry for not much of a detailed list.
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Re: Vintage ford parts

Post by Kingbee » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:12 am

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