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Workshop Suggestions

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:36 pm
Figured I'd start a new thread.

I'm turning an old sunroom into a workshop for more room, to keep my garage cleaner and to be able to heat it cheaply n keep busy over the winter. So far I'm planning on making a corner cabinet for the air compressor. I want to move several of my tools that make a mess like the chop saw and drill press. I'll be building benches, a porting spot and shelves maybe. The room is only 14x9 so it's not huge, but once I get a new door on, the giant vent style opening windows out and it all sealed up and insulated it should be real easy to heat. The floor is concrete since that part of the house use to be a garage, so I'm considering painting but didn't want to buy a $ kit for the small space. By no means is this gonna a production or source of income based room. Still I wanna make the most of it :) I'll be starting to clean it out(packed) this weekend.