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Who makes the best steel shop buildings?

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:15 pm
by JoePorting
So I'm looking at getting some acreage in Northern California soon and was wondering who makes the best "bang for the buck" steel shop buildings around? I'm looking at getting something around 40' X 60' or bigger, at about normal height. Need electrical and plumbing. Would be nice to include a small office and bathroom with shop sink. Never put one together, so it would be nice to include someone with a building crew. But would consider subcontracting it out if it'll save alot of money. From what I understand, it's about $15k for the building and about another $25k+ if I have them build it. Anybody put one together, or know's of people who have?

Re: Who makes the best steel shop buildings?

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:36 am
by mbrooks
I had a 40 x 60 built about 2 yrs ago. All steel. 14' sidewall, 3 doors 10'w x 10'h with one 13'h all facing south, windows up high on the north wall for ventilation works real well. They had to do some removal and haul dirt in, 20' x 60' apron, all 5" 4000psi concrete with piers around the perimeter under the uprights. Total all in with everything about $70k. I think if you have the contacts go for it, if you don't have the contacts better find someone who does, plus they get to play with the inspector. The way I understood it, there were only two steel building companies in this area, midwest, and the guy knew what the difference between them was in the way they designed the building, just small things can make a difference. This is for private use, he said for commercial establishment would cost in the $120k area for some reason, prob codes. I put fans in mine which is really nice also. 3" insulation throughout, 1 forced air wood burning stove can heat the whole thing easily.