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ford 566 a460 headed Pump gas 900hp

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:16 pm
by Racerrick
This is a basic BBF stroker with shelf parts. I spec'd all the parts, machined every piece and built the engine and I set it up on the dyno. I started with d9te block. I rough honed on the ck10 to .005 bolted on the deck plate and hone to .003 .0005- with 220 then 280 to finish.then a few strokes with 400 I usually leave the bottom bigger by a .0003. I finished honed to 4.425 so.005 clearance on custom Racetec 4032 pistons. when I clean the block I use a low rpm drill with soft hone plateau brush and pump sprayer fill with hot soapy water as the honing fluid. I stroke the bore counterclockwise min 8 times and 6 times clockwise. bore is done so next i cut the 2 bolt main caps .till the vertical was .002-.003 small, I Torqued the stock bolts to 115 with Lucas engine assembly lube and line hone it to the middle of spec. then i line honed the cam tunnel to the min spec for durabond+.005 fp30r cam bearings then I squared deck it .006 or so ,to leave .050 clearance with 1018 Fel-pro head gaskets. I gapped the total seal classic rings on a lathe with a grinding stone in the chuck and a ring holding fixture where the tool post would normally so when gapped them to .024 top and .028 2nd they are exactly that. I drilled the oil pump passage to 9/16 and flared it. checked all the lifter bore and the clearance is .0025-.003 with Comp 869 solid rollers, next freshen I'll put morels in it to tighten it up or maybe bush the block. the rods are Molnar Dodge 6.860 rods which had to be modded to Chevy width and the pin ends narrowed for the Custom -7cc pistons. the Ohio 4.6 stroke crankshaft was internally Underbalanced by 1% cause IMHO big stroke motor prefer it. ATI damper. A Milodon windage tray is held on with 4 oil pump pick up bolts and coupling nuts, pan and pickup attached to a Melling pump. Camshaft is custom Comp Xtreme street solid roller 266 272 cl110 +4.When I degreed the Cam with my 20 inch billet aluminum degree wheel it was at EXACTLY +4 and the lobes #4878, #4879 were spot on. The cam is driven by Cloyes billet timing set with the optional IWIS chain. The Heads are TFS A460 with REV valves, Howards 98885 proalloy springs 245 seat 600 open, Manley super7 tool steel retainers, intake throat was opened to 91% for 2.350 valves and I machined out the TFS radius intake seat cause I don't believe in radius intake seats and went with seat angles of 38 45 60 75 and for the exhaust 40 45 radius. ports were cleaned up and flowed 345@500 390@600 415@700 422@750. Rocker are the older Comp Promagnums. roller sweep was .050 as measured with a dial indicator. Lift at valve was .728exh and .717int so effective rocker ratio became 1.80. 16- 3/8 thick steel spacers were fab up from cold rolled 1 1/4 x.375 steel to raise the rocker stud up as I like the rocker stud base as close to the rocker as possible and the guide plate as high as possible to reduce side sweep. I used extra long bbc rocker studs ARP 235-7203 and Dart 27002204. Guide plates were cut and welded back together. Smith Bros 3/8 .145 wall 9.350 and 9.7 pushrods. Final compression was 11.5 to 1, bearing clearances .003-.0032 rods and .003 mains. Oil is 20w50 VR1 racing, 1150 dominator, a tfs mafia intake, 2 1/4 headers and made 900 hp at 6700 on pump gas with 25% 100ll av gas. torque was over 700tq from 4000 to 6700. 33 degrees timing. Some pics

Re: ford 566 a460 headed Pump gas 900hp

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:16 am
by Frankshaft
Sounds like a nice piece. Nice job