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Help with sponsorship

Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:16 pm
by Skip Honaker
First off let me start off by saying great forum. I been racing shorttracks for about 11 years throughout Florida. My problem is landing a primary sponsor I have several small sponsors that I'm very greatful for. I bought several sponsorship help packages and have had no luck with them. I'm not afraid to talk to people about racing and sponsorship. I not looking for a million dollors but just some help on some of the expenses of racing in a traveling series. I currently do public appearances for my sponsors and know thats something that needs to be done. I would appreciate any help.

How to land a primary Sponsor

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2004 1:24 pm
by Beverly
Hi Skip,

Getting a primary sponsor is certainly the better way to get funded. But most teams, unless it's on a professional level, are doing exactly what you are doing. Lots of sponsors.

Phil Veldheer, aka Sponsorship Coach, has many sponsors. The positive of this method is that if one fails to renew, you are not in a scramble to replace them.

But to answer your question, my advice is to target companies that have the advertising budget to become a primary sponsor, pitch the idea. If they reject coming on board for thousands of dollars, give them an option of less until they agree. Then just continue to renew them each year and build them up to a position of primary sponsor. Another good idea is to find companies that are currently primary sponsors of other teams and target the same type of company to become your primary sponsor.

It isn't easy and you sound as though you are being successful. Just hang in there and continue to work harder on the companies that may eventually want to be a primary sponsor.

Good Luck and keep us posted,