Turning down the heat at night good or bad?

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Re: Turning down the heat at night good or bad?

Post by Calypso » Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:03 am

cspeier wrote:
Calypso wrote:Insulation thickness on the inner roof makes a big difference in cold climate. Warm air wants to go up.
I put 12" of shredded blow in paper in my ceiling.
Here in Finland we use typically rock wool or cellulose wool. Cellulose wool tends to compress with time and lose some of the insulation. Shredded blow in paper is probably close to cellulose wool we use.

12" (~30cm) does not sound like much. Current requirement here is for new buildings 40cm. It's not uncommon to go to 60cm.

Good insulation works wonders keeping it warm or cool. Just need to be careful with condension stops and structure ventilations.

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